Exhibition Invitation

There’s a Rainbow in the Road : Salford Museum and Art Gallery

 Until July 7th 2013. “This is Caroline Johnson’s first solo show in a public gallery. Her highly graphic, graceful paintings and drawings reflect both the vibrancy of recent changes, and the history of Salford and Manchester. Caroline’s contemporary urban artworks give a fresh interpretation to the cities’ architectural icons while discovering the hidden charm of overlooked corners.

Phil Griffin, Curator, Journalist and Broadcaster :  “Caroline Johnson’s work has northern attitude. She combines a highly achieved formal approach to urban streetscape with a particular eye for the un-picturesque. Her use of collage drops print onto pavements and catches it in trees and rooftops like wind swept litter. She confronts the undrawable and unattractive and brings them forward; the sheer blank Arndale wall and the black criss-crossing web of tram wires. She does these things with such poise because she sees them so thoroughly.”


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