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What other people have said about Caroline Johnson’s work.

‘Caroline Johnson’s work has northern attitude. She combines a highly achieved formal approach to urban streetscape with a particular eye for the un-picturesque. Her use of collage drops print onto pavements and catches it in trees and rooftops like wind swept litter. She confronts the undrawable and unattractive and brings them forward; the sheer blank Arndale wall and the black criss-crossing web of tram wires. She does these things with such poise because she sees them so thoroughly.’


Phil Griffin


Curator, journalist and broadcaster


‘Caroline Johnson’s paintings and drawings show a fantastic eye for composition, colour, light and the subtle details of her subjects. Whether it is of monumental architecture, or the frailties of the human figure, she brings her characteristic empathy, perception and draughtsmanship to the finished work.’


James Hobbs


Artist, author, and freelance journalist

‘Caroline Johnson’s drawings and paintings are truly enchanting. Her images of common street scenes, dreamy interiors, lush landscapes and ordinary clothes hanging on a wash line bring the viewer a satisfying moment that uplifts the imagination. Johnson’s use of color is extraordinary with her splashes of delicate and bold hues that become controlled chaos. Her lively lines can capture a group of human figures or a still life of dishes in a sink with the same precision to reveal how personally connected the artist is with her subjects. One can only view her works with a joy of life and a wish to step into the world she has created.’

Rick Tulka

Illustrator, Mad Magazine


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