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  1. Press Invitation for Publishing Urban Sketching Works – no charge

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    I am Ivy, an editor of Dopress Books. We focus on creating high quality books on graphic design, interior design and architecture. We found your brilliant sketches works on website, which are remarkable and well match our new book – The Art of Urban Sketching. We wonder if you would like to take part in our book titled:

    The Art of Urban Sketching

    320 pages, English,Distribute Worldwide

    In artist’s eyes, every city has unique native culture and artistic style. With tools, sketchers present and share the most beautiful moments in their impression of the cities where they live and travel on paper. Readers can be far immersed in their journeys to the places in the book, drawn in varied styles, ranging from pencil sketches to watercolour paintings. The inspiring book showcases the works of over 50 artists worldwide. Through these wonderful sketches of different cities, architecture and landscapes, readers could not only experience various cultures or gorgeous scenes in different places, but also enjoy the remarkable moments captured by these artists.

    You need not to pay for the publications, and you only need to provide the relevant materials for the book as required in submission guideline. It is a good opportunity to introduce yourself and promote your works all over the world.

    Please feel free to contact us if you have any question about the book and us. Thanks.

    Best regards,

    Dopress Books
    graphic. interior. architecture
    Add: Room 1-20-2, Hua Fu Tian Di No.1, 7-1 Tuanjie Road
    110031 Shenyang City, China
    Tel: +86-24-31336672; Fax: +86-24-88680777

  2. I was just contacted by “Ivy” too. I am sure it’s a scam. Just hard to believe otherwise.
    I did however write them back with tons of questions just to be sure. Do you believe it is legitimate?

    • Hello,
      sorry not to have replied sooner- I administer Caroline’s page for her and she gets a load of spam, so legitimate mail gets buried by messages offering me Ralph Lauren cardigans! I presume by now you’ll have caught up with the consensus elsewhere, related to me by Caroline, that although the publisher seemed bona fide, their approach was a cash-in, and she preferred to be seen in publications written and compiled by another author/artist themselves. What did you decide?

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