Caroline Johnson

photo : Jon Price

 By the age of nine I was copying photos of the stars from the Radio Times, having realised that my shyness prevented my desired careers as air hostess, librarian or newspaper reporter.

I studied at the Harris School of Art in Preston, a grand Neo-Classical building with sweeping steps leading to the park and the river, with canoes for the summer and sledges in winter.

 Another year was spent at the palm-clad Falmouth School of Art, then three years at London’s Central College of Art and Design leading to a Diploma in Art and Design.

 “One of the artist’s jobs is to see and to re-present to others the beauty of the mediocre and the everyday:  the patchwork of old pavements, creeping shadows, forgotten doorways and broken fences; the watchful solidity of a gasworks and the resplendence of red brick; the mystery of parked cars, the shape of new architecture, and parallel to this, a river of humanity gives life and breath to the city, those anonymous strangers who move with us through its spaces.”

 After living in Brittany for nineteen years, I now live in Lancashire.

I’m official Urban Sketcher for Manchester and carry my sketchbook with me at all times.


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